A.G. Barr Transforms its Artwork Management Processes

A.G. Barr Transforms its Artwork Management Processes with 4Pack and Builds a Fresh Foundation for Continuous Improvement


A.G. Barr, a renowned beverage company with a legacy dating back to 1875, takes pride in delivering refreshing and iconic beverages to consumers worldwide. With a diverse portfolio of 15 brands and over 400 packaging SKUs, A.G. Barr operates in a highly competitive industry.

As part of their commitment to excellence, A.G. Barr continuously seeks opportunities to improve their products and packaging. However, managing artwork processes for a vast array of products across multiple brands presented significant challenges. Coordinating with various stakeholders, handling content specification data, and ensuring artwork accuracy were complex tasks that required an efficient and dynamic solution.

To overcome these challenges and drive efficiency in their artwork management processes, A.G. Barr turned to 4Pack’s cutting-edge Product, Packaging, and Artwork Management Software.

The Challenge

Managing artwork for over 400 packaging SKUs across 15 brands was no small feat. Each new packaging variation or update necessitated meticulous attention to detail to maintain brand consistency and regulatory compliance. Coordinating with internal teams, external design agencies, suppliers, and retailers in a timely manner was crucial to ensuring artwork accuracy and swift launch of new products.

Swift Implementation and Streamlined Processes

In their quest for an innovative solution, A.G. Barr partnered with 4Pack to revolutionise their artwork management. By utilising 4Pack’s Product, Packaging, and Artwork Management Software, A.G. Barr streamlined their processes and brought packaging and content specification data together in one cohesive platform. This integration enabled cross-functional teams to collaborate seamlessly, ensuring a faster and more accurate launch of products.

Driving Efficiency and Adding Value

With 4Pack’s software, A.G. Barr empowered their teams to drive efficiency and add value to their artwork management processes. The platform’s user-friendly interface and powerful features allowed teams to work collaboratively, make data-driven decisions, and optimise workflows. By centralising critical information and simplifying collaboration, 4Pack facilitated smoother artwork reviews, reduced time-to-market, and enhanced overall productivity.

“The decision to appoint 4Pack came down to value, flexibility, ease of use, and aesthetics.”Nicola Critchley Business Process Analyst, A. G. Barr

Enabling Sustainable Practices

A.G. Barr’s commitment to sustainability was further strengthened by 4Pack’s capabilities. The platform facilitated the integration of eco-friendly packaging initiatives, contributing to A.G. Barr’s environmental sustainability goals. As the company sought to reduce its environmental footprint and comply with industry regulations, 4Pack played a pivotal role in enabling these sustainable practices.

 “Having 4Pack has helped us develop a more efficient and dynamic artwork management process. We can more easily handle the packaging improvements we are making now and in future. Barr Soft Drinks packaging is now fully recyclable – this needed the addition of on-pack recycling messages, while our 1 litre cartons contain plant-based plastics and carry the Carbon Trust logo.”Nicola Critchley, Business Process Analyst, A. G. Barr

Looking Ahead

Having experienced the transformative impact of 4Pack’s Product, Packaging, and Artwork Management Software, A.G. Barr looks to the future with confidence. With a solid foundation in place, A.G. Barr is well-equipped to adapt to future challenges and continue their legacy of delivering high-quality products to consumers worldwide.


By partnering with 4Pack, A.G. Barr transformed its artwork management processes, paving the way for continuous improvement, compliance with regulatory requirements, and greater sustainability efforts. With a robust cloud-based solution in place, A.G. Barr is well-prepared to navigate the evolving demands of the consumer market and maintain its commitment to excellence in packaging and brand management.

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