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Label & Artwork Management

With 4Pack software, you can seamlessly manage the entire label and artwork lifecycle.

From initial design to final approval and printing, our software simplifies complex workflows, automates tasks, and enables effective collaboration among stakeholders.

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Our solutions have been implemented across a range of multinational brands, manufacturers and retailers:


What is Label & Artwork Management?

Label & Artwork Management is a comprehensive process that involves creating, organising, and maintaining product labels and artwork throughout their lifecycle. It encompasses strategic management of design, content, regulatory compliance, and version control.

We provide advanced Label & Artwork Management solutions that serve as a central platform for efficiently handling all your labelling and artwork needs. Our software offers powerful functionalities tailored to streamline your processes, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and compliance with industry and legal standards.

Additionally, our software features a centralised repository where you can easily store and organise your label and artwork files. This ensures quick retrieval, version control, and ensures up-to-date assets are used across your product lines.


Why Choose 4Pack Packaging Artwork Management Software

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Why Choose Our Label & Artwork Management Software?

Our Label & Artwork Management software stands out for several reasons:

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Centralised Repository
  • Workflow Automation
  • Collaboration Proofing Suite

Our software features an intuitive interface designed for ease of use, ensuring a quick learning curve for all users.

With our software, you gain access to a centralised repository for efficient storage and organisation of label and artwork files. This simplifies file retrieval and ensures up-to-date assets are easily accessible.

Our software solutions offer comprehensive workflow automation capabilities, streamlining and standardising label and artwork processes. This reduces manual handoffs, improves efficiency, and accelerates time-to-market.

Effective collaboration is facilitated through our software, which provides robust tools for seamless communication, file sharing, feedback, and approvals. This fosters teamwork and ensures all stakeholders are aligned.

Our software ensures proper version control, allowing you to track changes, compare versions, and maintain a complete audit trail. This aids in compliance, dispute resolution, and maintaining an accurate history of revisions.

By choosing our Label & Artwork Management software, you gain access to a powerful tool that streamlines your processes, enhances collaboration, ensures compliance, and delivers high-quality, error-free product labelling efficiently.

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By automating and simplifying artwork management, this software improves efficiency, reduces costs, and helps businesses deliver high-quality and visually appealing product artwork to market quicker.

Our innovative software is specifically designed to address the unique needs of scaling businesses, offering a comprehensive solution to your artwork management challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover valuable insights into streamlining processes, ensuring compliance, and optimising efficiency.

Find answers to queries about managing revisions, maintaining brand consistency, and meeting industry standards. Learn how our innovative solutions empower businesses to stay competitive in dynamic markets. Uncover the benefits of centralising data and enhancing collaboration within the supply chain.

How do I collate all the artwork comments?

An artwork will be routed for approval once the artwork is uploaded into 4Pack by the studio. The approval team will receive an automatic notification to request they review the artwork and will be presented with the current version. 4Pack’s powerful proofing tool enables the team to interrogate the artwork and provide comments, which are instantly captured against each version. The manual gathering of comments becomes a thing of the past.

How do I know I am working on the correct version?

4Pack automatically presents users with the current version of the artwork. Each user will be working on the single source of truth and comments are related to each version.

How do I transfer large files?

4Pack is a cloud-based solution. Once a file is uploaded then it can be accessed directly within and downloaded from the solution, eliminating the need to transfer the files.

Do I email people when I need them to review the artwork?

No, the workflow automatically triggers notifications when a user has a task to complete i.e., review an artwork. 4Pack provides both system and email notifications with a link that takes the user directly to the task and presents the current version of the artwork. The user will also be advised the time they have to complete the task.

Why is Labelling & Artwork Management Important?

Effective Labelling & Artwork Management plays a vital role in various industries, offering numerous benefits.

Our software ensures regulatory compliance by maintaining accurate and up-to-date label information, incorporating proper branding elements, and adhering to industry-specific labelling standards. This reduces the risk of non-compliance penalties and builds trust with regulatory bodies.

Consistency in labelling and artwork across product lines and geographies establishes a strong brand identity, recognition, and consumer trust. Our software enables you to establish and enforce consistent guidelines for design, content, and branding elements, ensuring a cohesive brand image.

Traditional manual labelling and artwork management processes are time-consuming and prone to errors. Our software automates and streamlines these processes, reducing manual tasks and enhancing overall efficiency. This allows teams to focus on value-added activities.

Keeping track of multiple label and artwork versions can be challenging. Our software provides robust version control capabilities, enabling effective management of revisions, tracking changes, and ensuring the correct version is used for each product. This includes maintaining an audit trail for compliance and dispute resolution.

Collaboration among teams is essential for successful label and artwork creation. Our software offers advanced collaboration tools and a centralised platform for seamless communication, file sharing, feedback, and approvals. This promotes transparency, reduces communication gaps, and accelerates time-to-market.

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