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Reducing Risk of Error & Product Recalls

4Pack’s innovative solution revolutionises artwork and specification management by providing a unified platform that ensures compliance, mitigates risks, and enhances collaboration and communication across teams. By addressing the challenges of disconnected data, files, and artwork, we empower companies to streamline their processes, prevent errors, and safeguard their products, brand reputation, and consumer trust.

Experience the power of our integrated platform today and discover how 4Pack can transform your artwork and specification management.



Reducing Risk of Product Recalls With Our Digital Solution

In today’s competitive marketplace, accurate product information on packaging plays a vital role in ensuring consumer satisfaction and safety. Unfortunately, it is all too common for products to be recalled due to inaccuracies in the packaging artwork. These errors often arise from a lack of seamless transfer or synchronisation between the product information and the corresponding artwork.

This disconnect can result in inefficient practices such as manual copy and paste, duplicated data entry, and a lack of alerts when changes in the product information impact the associated artworks.


Eliminating Gaps That Cause Product Recalls

At 4Pack, we recognise the importance of eliminating these digital gaps between product information, artwork briefing, and creation.

Our solution is designed to bridge these gaps and facilitate seamless synchronisation. By doing so, we immediately remove the need for repetitive data entry, reducing the risk of errors that can occur during the transfer process.

Our advanced version control feature ensures that the entire project team is always working on the most up-to-date version of the artwork, eliminating any discrepancies caused by outdated files. Additionally, automatic alerts notify the team whenever a change in the product information affects the associated artwork, ensuring that all stakeholders are promptly informed and can take necessary action.


Solving The Disconnect

In many companies, the management of product and packaging data, as well as the associated artwork, is often fragmented and siloed. This disconnected approach makes collaboration and communication between teams a significant challenge, further exacerbating the administrative burden associated with projects.

Valuable time is wasted on tasks such as collating data from different sources, inputting information into multiple systems, and cross-checking for accuracy. Furthermore, reliance on individuals to manually notify changes and maintain version control introduces a significant risk of errors slipping through the cracks.


Avoiding Costly Mistakes & Reputational Harm

The artwork process is a critical factor in determining product launch timelines. Without a streamlined and efficient approach to managing artwork, delays can occur, affecting time-to-market and potentially hindering sales. Moreover, inaccurate packaging information can have severe consequences.

Product recalls are not only costly, with millions of pounds lost annually, but they also result in wastage, damage to brand reputation, lost sales, and, most importantly, the potential compromise of consumer health and safety.

The negative impact on consumer trust can have long-lasting consequences for a company’s bottom line.


Reducing The Likelihood of Product Recalls

We have developed a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges associated with disconnected data, files, and artwork.

Our platform combines product and packaging data management with artwork in a single, integrated system. This approach enables

teams to work independently on their respective activities, knowing that their work is seamlessly linked to the overall project. By having a central repository for product information, artwork files, and specifications, accurate and aligned data is readily available for briefing and reference, eliminating the need for time-consuming data gathering and verification. Furthermore, our intelligent alert system triggers notifications whenever a change is made to any element that affects the artwork, ensuring that all team members are immediately informed of any updates or modifications.

With our solution, the risk of errors is significantly mitigated by eliminating double entry and maintaining the synchronisation between product content and artwork. This streamlined approach allows teams to focus on value-added tasks rather than getting bogged down in administrative burdens and manual processes.

By leveraging our platform, companies can optimise their workflows, reduce the chances of costly recalls, and protect their brand reputation and consumer trust.

4Pack Solutions

 Our robust platform seamlessly brings together product and packaging specification data and artworks, with streamlined workflows to ensure accuracy.

With advanced artwork management proofing tools, your teams can maintain brand guideline governance and regulatory compliance assurance. Enhance collaboration and drive efficiency through our integrated system, allowing teams to add value throughout the entire product launch process. From the food and beverage industry to consumer goods, wine, and retail, our instant results-driven approach empowers businesses to launch at pace, compliantly, and stay ahead of the competition.


Specification Management

Our software is designed with a user-centric approach, ensuring ease of use and rapid onboarding for teams.

The intuitive interface, logical workflows, and clear navigation make it simple for users to adopt and leverage the software’s full potential without extensive training.


Label & Artwork Management

With 4Pack software, you can seamlessly manage the entire label and artwork lifecycle.

From initial design to final approval and printing, our software simplifies complex workflows, automates tasks, and enables effective collaboration among stakeholders.


Packaging Data Management

4Pack offers a cutting-edge solution to managing packaging data, critical for compliance with emerging packaging and waste regulations, and meeting sustainability goals.

Our solutions allow businesses to gain an accurate and up-to-date view of their packaging data in relation to sustainability, streamlining collaboration internally and across the supply chain.


Packaging Regulations & Compliance

4Pack offers a comprehensive packaging compliance management software that helps businesses navigate the complexities of packaging regulations.

With 4Pack’s end-to-end solution, businesses can achieve packaging compliance, mitigate regulatory risks, and ensure efficient and streamlined compliance management throughout the entire packaging lifecycle.

Letting 4Pack Help You Reduce The Risk Of Product Recalls

Our platform excels in its advanced synchronisation capabilities, ensuring seamless alignment between product information and artwork. With 4Pack, you can say goodbye to manual copy and paste and eliminate the risk of errors and discrepancies that often lead to product recalls caused by inaccurate packaging information.

Centralised data management is a core strength of our platform. We provide a unified repository for all your critical information, including product details, artwork files, and specifications. By centralising your data, we enhance collaboration and communication among team members, eliminating time-consuming tasks such as data collation and cross-checking. This streamlined approach improves efficiency and empowers your teams to focus on their core tasks.

Our version control features enable the entire project team to work on the most up-to-date artwork, eliminating confusion and discrepancies caused by outdated files. Automatic alerts keep your team informed of any changes in product information that impact the associated artwork, allowing for swift response and preventing errors from going unnoticed.

Collaboration and communication are enhanced through our platform, fostering a seamless working environment. By providing a unified solution for product and packaging data management, artwork briefing, and creation, we eliminate administrative burdens and improve overall efficiency. Team members can work independently, confident that the synchronisation and accuracy of content and artwork are maintained.

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