itsu [grocery] Gains a Artwork Management Platform

itsu [grocery]

itsu [grocery] Gains a Personalised Platform to Obliterate Time-Consuming and Manual Artwork Management Inefficiencies – And Paves the Way for Massive Growth


itsu [grocery], a leading food brand known for its delicious and healthy products, sought to enhance its artwork management processes to support its growing business. As the number of product variants increased, managing artwork across different languages and complying with regulatory changes became increasingly complex and time-consuming. Chloe, the Artwork and Packaging Project Manager at itsu [grocery], embarked on a search for the right artwork management platform that could provide robust project management tools and precise annotations to manage their branding.


An Increasingly Complex Challenge

As itsu [grocery] expanded its product range and entered new markets, the number of artwork versions grew substantially. They recognised the need for a streamlined artwork management system to ensure accuracy and compliance in packaging and labeling. With international expansion, the company faced the challenge of managing artwork across multiple language variants. Maintaining brand consistency and adhering to itsu’s strict brand guidelines was paramount for every package.


Clearer KPI Visibility & Control

With 4Pack’s Product, Packaging, and Artwork Management Software, itsu [grocery] gained clearer visibility and control over their artwork versions and development processes. The platform’s connected workflows enabled faster review cycles and reduced the number of artwork versions required. By setting and monitoring KPIs on the 4Pack system, itsu [grocery] aimed to improve its artwork cycle rates and ensure on-time packaging printing to meet production deadlines.

“With more artworks, having a smootherartwork management system is now more important than ever.”Chloe Demetriou, Studio Manager, itsu [grocery]


Easier Artwork Administration

The introduction of 4Pack brought immediate benefits to itsu [grocery]’s artwork management. Chloe, the Artwork and Packaging Project Manager, found her work significantly streamlined as 4Pack automated various tasks and communication processes. Finding artwork and supporting documentation became effortless with direct links in the platform. This eliminated time wasted searching through different servers and drives. Collaborators and reviewers could easily provide feedback through the platform, ensuring a more efficient and error-free workflow.

“With 4Pack we no longer need to send information and links around in email chains. The process is less prone to error and the status of artwork is clearer.” – Chloe Demetriou, Studio Manager, itsu [grocery]


Pairing Up to Perfect Processes

Chloe worked closely with the 4Pack senior team to customise the platform to itsu’s brand identity and requirements. The strong partnership between itsu [grocery] and 4Pack enabled them to grow and evolve together. The platform’s flexibility allowed itsu [grocery] to personalise the system to match their strong brand presence and personality.


Taking the Next Steps Together

As itsu [grocery]’s artwork management evolves, Vicki Helm, the current project manager, is continuing to work with 4Pack to build KPI tracking into the system for comprehensive management reporting. Onboarding external providers, such as translation services and printers, onto the platform is another goal to further enhance collaboration and efficiency.


Enjoying the Efficiencies

4Pack has already proven instrumental in enhancing accuracy and timelines, reducing email traffic, and streamlining the artwork management process. The system’s adaptability and willingness to accommodate itsu [grocery]’s needs have been vital in fostering a strong partnership.

Chloe and Vicki are optimistic about the platform’s future potential, confident that as the platform continues to evolve, it will enable itsu [grocery] to say goodbye to manual tracking and fully embrace a new era of efficient artwork management and growth.

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