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Artwork Lite

4Pack Artwork Lite is an essential label and artwork management software that empowers businesses to streamline their operations, enhance collaboration, and maintain consistency in their brand presentation.

By leveraging this powerful yet user-friendly software, businesses can launch products quickly, accurately, and profitably, focusing on value-added activities that set them apart from the competition. Experience the benefits of streamlined collaboration, consistent branding, and centralised control with Artwork Lite.

Why is Label & Artwork Management Software Essential For Your Business?

In today’s highly competitive market, where visual appeal and effective branding are paramount, having robust label and artwork management software is essential for your business.

Your product’s label and artwork are not just aesthetics; they serve as a direct representation of your brand and play a crucial role in attracting customers and building brand recognition. However, relying on manual management of artwork can be a cumbersome and error-prone process that can hinder your ability to respond quickly to market demands and maintain consistency in your brand presentation.

That’s why investing in 4Pack Artwork Lite, a comprehensive label and artwork management software, is vital for your business.

Why Choose Artwork Lite?

Artwork Lite is a powerful yet user-friendly label and artwork management software offered by 4Pack. Designed especially for smaller teams, it serves as the perfect solution to centralise and control your artwork management process. With Artwork Lite, you can streamline collaboration, ensure consistency, and centralise your artwork management.

Artwork Lite empowers cross-functional teams to collaborate seamlessly. Its online artwork briefing and proofing capabilities enable you to easily share and gather feedback from stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Artwork Lite allows you to centralise your artwork management process, bringing all relevant documents, brand guidelines, and pack copy specifications into one secure online platform. This centralisation enables easy access, efficient organisation, and quick retrieval of important information.

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Features of Artwork Lite

Artwork Lite offers a wide range of features that are tailored to meet your label and artwork management needs. Let’s delve into the key features that make Artwork Lite an indispensable tool for your business:
Artwork Lite provides a comprehensive online proofing tool, equipped with powerful annotation, mark-up, colour check, and measurement features. This allows you to review and provide precise feedback on artwork, ensuring accuracy and quality before final approval.

With Artwork Lite, you can easily compare different versions of artwork side by side. This feature enables you to identify changes, improvements, or discrepancies, helping you make informed decisions during the review and approval process.

Say goodbye to the confusion of multiple files with similar names and versions.

Artwork Lite automatically manages versions of your artwork, ensuring that the latest iteration is readily accessible. This eliminates the risk of using outdated or incorrect versions and maintains consistency across your artwork.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how it streamlines artwork management, ensures compliance, and fosters collaboration within your organisation.

Find out how it simplifies the revision process and enables faster time-to-market. Explore its user-friendly features and benefits for businesses of all sizes. Understand how Artwork Lite can help maintain brand consistency and accuracy. Get answers to common inquiries about its functionality and ease of implementation.

Can I include external stakeholders?

Yes, any internal or external stakeholders can be included. The benefit of incorporating supply chain partners is that they will get automatically notified when they have a task to do, and a full audit of their actions is maintained. Email exchanges become history.

How do I request an artwork to be created?

When a project starts, an artwork brief and related information is applied and then once the task is complete, it will trigger an automatic notification to the Studio to create the artwork and then it is upload into 4Pack for the team to review.

Who can review the artwork?

Anyone that needs to review the artwork can be included in the approval process. It is easy to assign people to review when the project begins and add in extras if necessary, later in the project.

What mark up and checking tools does it include?

Artwork Lite has powerful proofing capability, it includes rich text annotations (sticky notes, freehand, highlight text) with threaded discussions, measuring tool, densitometer and colour separations. Version comparison highlights any changes between two versions of an artwork, ensuring only the required changes have been applied.

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4Pack Enterprise is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and simplify product and packaging management processes.



Product SKU management involves the meticulous organisation of related specifications for individual items within your product inventory.



By automating and simplifying artwork management, this software improves efficiency, reduces costs, and helps businesses deliver high-quality and visually appealing product artwork to market quicker.


Artwork Lite

4Pack Artwork Lite is an essential label and artwork management software that empowers businesses to streamline their operations, enhance collaboration, and maintain consistency in their brand presentation.

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