Packaging Development: Streamlining Processes for Alì S.p.A.

Alì S.p.A.

Streamlining Packaging Development with a Single Source of Truth: Alì S.p.A.’s Success Story

Boasting a strong presence in vibrant regions like Veneto and Emilia Romagna, Alì S.p.A. asserts its dominant position in the GDO market. The company operates through two distinct channels: Alì Supermarkets, comprising neighborhood stores and smaller areas with up to 1,500 square meters, and Alìper, featuring larger stores ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 square meters, often nestled within larger contexts or real Shopping Centers. Presently, the Ali group manages an impressive portfolio of 112 stores and continues to thrive with over 3,700 dedicated and highly motivated employees.



Despite its phenomenal success, Alì S.p.A. faces unique challenges. To satisfy consumers and support the company’s growth, it aims to develop a line of own-brand products with ambitious forecasts. However, rapid growth and diversification revealed the need for an efficient and integrated packaging management system.



To meet consumer demands and support expansion, Alì S.p.A. embraced the cutting-edge 4Pack solution. This powerful system optimises packaging development, offering a “single source of truth” to harmonise product and packaging information, ensuring accuracy and consistency.



The implementation of the 4Pack solution yielded significant outcomes for Alì S.p.A., revolutionising their packaging development process.


Enhanced Efficiency:

With 4Pack’s centralised repository for product and packaging details, Alì experienced streamlined access and meticulous data management, resulting in improved overall efficiency. The elimination of redundant workflows and manual processes saved valuable time and resources.


Comprehensive Traceability:

4Pack’s robust traceability feature allowed Alì to closely monitor all processing activities and track the development of new products. This unprecedented visibility enabled the company to identify and rectify potential bottlenecks and errors promptly, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


Seamless Collaboration:

Through personalised dashboards, real-time alerts, and timely notifications, 4Pack facilitated effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders. Internal and external teams worked in sync, ensuring seamless coordination throughout the packaging development lifecycle.


Data-Driven Decision Making:

The centralised repository of product information and packaging data empowered Alì to make informed decisions backed by data. Real-time insights and analytics allowed the company to optimise their packaging strategies, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.


Increased Accuracy:

By offering a “single source of truth,” 4Pack ensured consistency and accuracy in product and packaging information. Alì experienced a reduction in errors, minimising the risk of costly reprints and delays.


Flexibility for Future Growth:

4Pack’s adaptable and scalable architecture allowed Alì to accommodate their rapid expansion plans effortlessly. As the company grows and introduces new products, 4Pack remains a reliable tool to support their packaging management needs.

The successful implementation of 4Pack propelled Alì S.p.A. to new heights in packaging development. By embracing innovation and adopting a holistic approach to packaging management, Alì positioned itself as a leader in the fine foods and pharmaceuticals market, well-equipped to navigate the challenges of highly regulated markets and meet the evolving demands of consumers.

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