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Speeding up Artwork Development: A Seamless Solution for DESPAR

Client Profile

DESPAR Italy, one of the country’s largest retailers, serves 17 regions through 6 operating companies, boasting over 1,600 stores and a staggering €3.3bn turnover. As part of the international Spar group, DESPAR places a premium on maintaining top-notch product information and artwork quality on its packaging.

The Challenge:

Yet, managing this process becomes a serious challenge with 3,300 SKUs across 17 private-label brands and a multitude of suppliers. Traditional methods like emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls lead to inefficiencies, delays, and a lack of traceability, increasing the risk of errors.

The Solution:

4Pack’s End-to-End Platform Enter 4Pack, an innovative, end-to-end management platform that has transformed DESPAR’s approach to product information and artwork management. The solution offers:

  • Centralised Product Information & Packaging Data: All product information and packaging data are now centralised, providing a reliable “single source of truth.”
  • Streamlined Artwork Briefing, Sharing & Approval Workflows: With 4Pack, artwork briefing, sharing, and approval processes are now efficient and streamlined.
  • Reliable Supplier Checks: The platform ensures thorough supplier checks, guaranteeing consistency and reliability in the supply chain.
  • Automated Regulatory Management: DESPAR stays up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements through automated compliance checks.
  • Complete Traceability: 4Pack provides comprehensive traceability, allowing DESPAR to track every step of the development process.
  • Seamless Multi-lingual Management: With multi-lingual support, DESPAR effortlessly manages communications across different languages.
  • Effortless Print Testing and Controls: 4Pack facilitates print testing and controls, ensuring top-notch packaging quality.
  • Real-time Project Status Reporting & Dashboards: DESPAR gains access to real-time project status reports and intuitive dashboards for enhanced visibility


The Results

The remarkable results speak for themselves:

  • A “single source of truth” for product information and packaging artwork exclusively owned by DESPAR.
  • Creation of a complete archive of packaging details with full traceability, ensuring accountability.
  • Efficient control over the workflow through personalised dashboards, alerts, and notifications, promoting collaboration.
  • Successful coordination of internal and external stakeholders, streamlining operations.
  • Drastic reduction in errors and significant cost savings in project management.


Client Testimonial

Centralising information and data in a single source of truth is helping us to improve development time and reduce errors.
Full workflow traceability has improved planning, and is helping us meet deadlines and increase speed to market.
Michela Cocchi
Brand Manager MMD – DESPAR Italy



By adopting 4Pack’s state-of-the-art solution, DESPAR has achieved remarkable gains in efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness, propelling artwork development to new heights. The seamless integration of the end-to-end platform has revolutionised DESPAR’s product information and artwork management process, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

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