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Streamlining Product and Packaging Updates for Giovanni Rana


Giovanni Rana, a leading manufacturer of fresh pasta products, serves over 50 international markets, generating annual sales of €700m. With operations spanning 7 sites in Europe and the US and employing 2,700 skilled professionals, the company faced significant challenges in managing updates for their diverse portfolio of over 400 SKUs and packaging in 27 languages. In sought of streamlining their product and packaging updates, Giovanni Rana needed a robust solution.


The Challenge:

Managing global updates for their extensive product range and diverse packaging across 50 markets posed unique challenges for Giovanni Rana. The complexities of different regulatory requirements, language barriers, and a wide network of suppliers and distributors demanded a unified process to maintain version control and facilitate collaboration.


The Solution:

To tackle these challenges, Giovanni Rana established a strategic partnership with 4Pack, a comprehensive platform enabling seamless collaboration among their Quality, Compliance, Marketing, and Graphics teams. By centralising all product and packaging information, 4Pack provided advanced regulatory and translation management capabilities. The platform also automated the generation of multilingual nutritional facts tables and product data sheets, streamlining packaging artwork updates.

With 21 stakeholders involved, 4Pack’s workflow and project management tools expedited product updates, while Artwork Management and Digital Asset Management features ensured complete control over content and assets.


The Result:

The partnership with 4Pack led to transformative improvements:

  1. Enhanced Control and Data Integrity: Centralising both product and packaging information. Implementing advanced regulatory management less errors during updates and launches.
  2. Accelerated Time-to-Market: Streamlined workflow and collaboration tools reduced the time required for product updates, providing a competitive advantage.
  3. Efficient Artwork Management: 4Pack’s Artwork Management feature maintained consistency and facilitated swift updates for over 500 artworks annually.
  4. Streamlined Ingredient Management: Over 800 ingredients and related information were managed efficiently, ensuring smoother operations and improved compliance.




The strategic partnership with 4Pack revolutionised Giovanni Rana’s product and packaging update processes, enhancing efficiency and data integrity. Seamless collaboration empowered teams, from development to international launches, positioning Giovanni Rana as a leading global player in the fresh pasta market, known for quality and innovation.




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