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Client Profile:

Vicenzi Group, a prominent Italian manufacturer of Pastry and Bakery products, offers a diverse range of delicacies, including ladyfingers, amaretti, and puff pastries. Their renowned brand, “Matilde Vicenzi,” enjoys international recognition with products distributed to over 100 markets globally through retail and food service channels. With a strong workforce of more than 350 employees operating across four key sites, the company achieved an impressive turnover of almost €125m in 2018.


The Challenge:

Despite their success, Vicenzi Group faced significant challenges in managing the various stages of their product development and packaging artwork processes. A fragmented approach led to inefficiencies, long lead times in artwork production, and a heavy reliance on external suppliers even for minor changes. This not only increased the risk of errors but also resulted in escalating costs as the product portfolio expanded.

The client sought a comprehensive solution that would address these issues and enable them to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Establish a “single source of truth” for product development and information, including verified translations and multi-lingual capability.
  2. Take control of the packaging artwork process by integrating internal departments, agencies, and print suppliers into a streamlined workflow.
  3. Generate up-to-the-minute Product Data sheets dynamically.
  4. Make text and other minor amends to packaging artwork internally, eliminating the need for special software or design/artwork resources.
  5. Create a centralised, fully searchable library of all marketing, artwork, and packaging assets.


The Solution:

In close collaboration with the Vicenzi Group, 4Pack delivered an end-to-end solution tailored to meet their specific needs, surpassing initial objectives and revolutionising their product information and artwork management processes.

The transformation began with the implementation of 4Pack’s core Product Information Management (PIM) module. This established a global platform for all product information right from the development stage, integrated seamlessly with 4Pack’s dynamic Label and Artwork Management functionality. This integration allowed approved information to be pulled directly from the PIM into packaging artwork, facilitating text and other amendments without the need for external resources.

To support these processes, 4Pack also provided a comprehensive Digital Asset Management solution and Project Management functionality. These components brought both internal and external teams together to manage workflows, timelines, and actions effectively.


The Results:

4Pack’s end-to-end solution led to remarkable improvements for the Vicenzi Group, yielding significant benefits across their operations:

  1. Drastically reduced time-to-market for new products through streamlined processes, integrated information, and enhanced team collaboration.
  2. Efficient management of over 1,500 product updates internally in the past 12 months, ensuring faster product iterations.
  3. Seamless integration with key internal and external systems, including ERP, ensuring a smooth flow of operations.
  4. Enhanced regulatory and quality compliance with fewer reworks and amendments.
  5. Multi-channel distribution of approved product information in various formats, expanding their reach and accessibility.
  6. Greater control and ownership throughout the packaging production process, leading to increased efficiency.
  7. A remarkable 90% cost reduction across the packaging development and management cycle, significantly impacting the company’s bottom line.


Client Testimonial:

“By providing an integrated, end-to-end system which allows us to easily manage updates to products as well as supporting new product development, 4Pack has significantly reduced the time and costs associated with getting to market. Our workflow has been hugely streamlined; we have much greater control, fewer errors, and can now rely on the accuracy of our product information.”

Cristian Modolo, CMO of VICENZI Spa


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