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Streamlining International Growth and Multi-brand Management in the Pet Food Sector

For over two decades, Wonderfood has been a leading player in the premium pet food industry. With its flagship brand, Oasy, gaining popularity not only in Italy but also internationally, the company has also secured exclusive distribution rights for 16 global partners, including renowned household names like Orijen and Ever Clean.


Challenge: Maximising Opportunities in a Booming Pet Food Market

Harnessing Opportunities in a Booming Pet Food Market

As the pet food market experiences remarkable double-digit growth, Wonderfood aims to seize the opportunity by introducing new product variants and pack formats. To achieve success, they recognized the need to optimize and expedite their New Product Development (NPD) process.

Additionally, managing the complexity of packaging and effectively disseminating product information across the supply and retail chain has become a pressing challenge. Juggling 16 brands and translations in 18 languages, each requiring regulatory approval, has led to time-consuming processes and bottlenecks in artwork production.


Solution: Optimising with 4Pack’s Product Information Management

Streamlining with 4Pack’s Product Information Management

To address these challenges, Wonderfood turned to 4Pack’s comprehensive Product Information Management capabilities.

Collaborating within the system from the outset, the entire product development team ensures a “single source of truth.” Once the final product information gains approval, it undergoes translation, including market-specific regulatory management, before being transformed into product sheets per SKU. The system enables effortless cross-referencing, from ingredient compounds and brands to markets and other variables.

4Pack’s innovative solution significantly simplifies packaging artwork management. All packaging formats can be dynamically updated with approved content, and the marketing team can effortlessly make necessary amendments without relying on design software or skills.

Furthermore, 4Pack’s Digital Asset Management function securely stores artwork, graphic assets, and other sales and marketing materials. Access to these files is structured according to roles and permissions, categorized by brand and market.



Achieving Enhanced Workflow Efficiencies and Speed-to-Market

The implementation of 4Pack’s solution has yielded remarkable results for Wonderfood:

  1. Increased data control and security, leading to reduced errors and costs.
  2. Faster speed-to-market due to 4Pack’s end-to-end management capabilities.
  3. Rapid creation of accurate product catalogues for both print and online versions, with all assets easily accessible and linked.
  4. Tremendous improvement in collaboration among the 14 key stakeholders, with 4Pack’s Project Management capabilities taking center stage in the process.

With 4Pack’s support, Wonderfood is now well-equipped to navigate international growth, manage multiple brands, and stay ahead in the dynamic and thriving pet food sector.

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