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Artwork Management Software: Top 5 benefits of an online solution

According to a recent BCG survey, 80% of businesses are now planning to accelerate their digital transformation to support their business recovery out of 2020. Many are seeking more collaborative and cost-effective solutions to help them achieve their digital goals.

Artwork Management Software is one such solution. By migrating artwork proofing and approval online, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) businesses can realise enormous benefits; accelerating the speed of artwork approvals and product launches while shrinking internal and external costs – and it’s easy to get up and running quickly in the cloud!

Whether in food, beverages, household or health and beauty products, every CPG business has the challenge of managing multiple creative design and packaging artwork projects each year.

An issue or missed approval at the artwork stage can push a product launch out by weeks. An error in an artwork can cause a product recall or withdrawal. In short, there’s considerable payback for online proofing and artwork approval software in terms of streamlining artwork approvals and improving overall process control and quality.

Let’s get specific and define what these technology terms mean.

What does Artwork Management Software do?

Artwork Management Systems manage the process from artwork creation through to approval, making sure the correct reviewer groups are connected in turn, managing any rejections and automatically version controlling all artwork files.

Users are notified automatically when their review is required, approvals are tracked, and actions are audited. Files are only released to the print supplier once all approvals have been confirmed. Real time status of all projects can be easily reported via user specific dashboards.

Online cloud-based artwork approval systems become the collaboration hub for internal and external teams from brand owners, marketing, product, packaging and quality through to external artwork providers, agencies, suppliers and co-manufacturers/co-packers.

In short, these systems solve the challenges businesses find when working across multiple email threads or Microsoft Teams streams where artwork versions are difficult to control, and people are therefore unsure of the latest approved version or project status.

A simple digital objective with proven returns

Here’s our Top 5 benefits of an Artwork Management System and why they’re such a worthwhile investment:

  1. Speed: Automating the artwork process enables teams to feedback instantly on files requiring their review. Comments are collated automatically and can be sent immediately back to the artworker for rework. Approval cycles are faster and multiple reviews can be progressed in parallel. Collaborating centrally allows for a more focussed discussion reaching decisions more quickly.
  2. Resource saving: Simplifying and centralising all projects in one place streamlines the resource and time required internally to review and comment on each individual file. Users can be assured to only be notified when their review is required. Reviews can be done remotely from any internet enabled device.
  3. Cost reduction: Using a digital system to manage the process and record individual approvals and rejections allows businesses to make incremental process improvements over time from having better insight on why files are rejected and where there are bottlenecks in the process. Improving right first time artwork approvals has a direct impact on reducing internal and external artwork costs.
  4. Improved control: Artwork management systems give businesses instant control on their artwork creation and approval processes. Auditing of actions, automatic versioning and compare functionality is standard. Additional controls can be added to make sure all approvals are in place before the final file can be downloaded and/or distributed.
  5. Easy to implement with no barrier to access: Cloud systems offer businesses with a solution that is easy to implement where the systems provider takes responsibility for any set up and configuration.

User interfaces are intuitive and minimum training is required. Permission based access means that there is no barrier for supply chain partners to be involved. Systems are enterprise ready offering integration options for distribution of final approved file.

Connect with 4Pack to smash your digital objectives in 2021

More and more of our lives are spent online, and that applies to work as well as home. Technology enables us to digitally connect in ways that were not even dreamed of, even a few years ago.

Online proofing, and the web based artwork process management software is an excellent example of a digital technology that continues to offer CPG businesses competitive advantage and excellent proven return on investment (ROI)

If you are a business leader in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) or Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), whether in food, beverage, household or health and beauty, you will be meticulously evaluating your digital direction and budgets for 2021.

4Pack exists to help CPG and FMCG companies digitally transform their businesses and reap benefits from centralising information, automating workflows and improving internal and external collaboration.

4Pack solution blends four technologies (product information management, label artwork management, product lifecycle management and digital asset management) to give companies of any size a digital toolbox from which to build their workspace of the future.

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