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Filling the Technology Gaps

The technology gap is a significant obstacle for food and beverage companies that cannot afford to lose revenue. Manual processes and dispersed data are challenging to track and manage, there is a direct correlation between this and profitability.

Digital transformation, however, especially in food and beverage companies, is everywhere – offering increased efficiency and innovation within every facet of the business. Below, we have a few tips to help you navigate the technological gaps you might find in your Artwork, Packaging and Product Specification Management (PPSM).

Identify the Problem You Are Trying to Solve

Whilst this might seem like an obvious statement, it is essential that your technology be aligned with the purpose and design of the intended objectives. Most systems are not ‘bespoke’ and you might require a layered approach depending on the problem you’re looking to solve. Equally, if you’re looking for a blanket solution to a variety of problems, that might be available, depending on the problem itself.

To give an example; your product launch may have accelerated past the original timings. 4Pack’s digital software alerts project managers if tasks and/or projects are at risk of running overtime, the dashboard provides full transparency to over see projects from ideation to launch.

The better you understand the expected outcomes, the easier it will be to document and analyse the benefits of the software you incorporate.


Establish the Management Objective

Understanding what performance standard or measure of success you require is a key step in bridging your technology gaps. Whether the goal is general launch performance, or something more targeted, establishing this early on in the assessment will help focus all stakeholders on the same goal.

If your performance objectives are specific, monitoring key performance indicators will be a priority, and using technology that allows for a full data analysis will be required. Having readily accessible reports is essential, demonstrating the impact of the software you’ve invested in plus identifying process enhancements that support continuous improvement


Prioritise User Experience

There is an intrinsic link between a convenient application and efficiency – over complication simply wastes time and money. If a company’s PPSM process is still managed manually, delays and inaccuracies rise, and efficiency (both time and financial) decreases. 4Pack’s cloud-based software means it can be accessed anywhere and all stakeholders work from a centralised version controlled single source of truth, which is invaluable.

Creating a level of convenience for those in your team can only improve productivity, morale, and thus profitability.

Likewise, having an accessible dashboard, where the workflow and prioritised projects are clear, means your team are all working towards the same goals. Should there be an obstacle or break in the chain, it can be easily identified and managed.


We hope this blog has helped identify strategies to fill the technological gaps you might be experiencing within your current ways of working. If you’re concerned about these gaps, or if you’re looking to invest in adaptive software to help bridge these gaps, contact us today

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