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Opportunities for the wine sector: the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform

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On 25 June 2021, the EU and its Member States reached agreement on the new reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The central theme is sustainability in all its nuances in the economic, environmental and social spheres. It will enter into force on 1 January 2023 and be valid until 2027.

The reform covers the entire agricultural sector and pays attention to the human factor both for workers in the agricultural sector and for consumers of its products. One of the issues addressed is transparency, to protect the consumer.

In this regard, there are new regulations on the labelling of wine products which are to be applied from 2023 and will benefit the conscientious consumer that wants to buy a bottle of wine.

Among the new obligations is the inclusion on the label of the nutritional declaration and the list of ingredients, which can also be fulfilled with an e-label, a digital label that expands the physical one on the bottle.

Health warnings typical of the sector, now mandatory and illustrated by pictograms, can also be moved to the e-label: pregnant woman logo, logo prohibiting drink-driving and logo prohibiting alcohol consumption by under-18s however allergen declarations will remain linked to the physical label.

The e-label, also accessible via QR code, is continuously updated and in line with EU regulations. It also makes labels available in the different EU languages.

This standardised EU regulation has significant benefit for wine producers: they no longer have to deal with numerous regulations, different label layout rules and differentiated shipments according to the country of destination.

So, the question is how easy is it going to be for the wine companies to manage this mass label change to ensure they comply with CAP? It will require updates, publication and maintenance in line with the new rules.

Producers can efficiently do this by adopting support tools that speed up label change projects, centralise data and content.

4Pack is the software that enables you to meet consumer information needs and ever-changing regulatory rules. It facilitates the label change and product specification management, incorporating the addition of all the new regulatory information and the handling the management of multi-lingual content with ease.


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