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Product Information Management with power

What is Product Information Management?

Product Information Management (PIM) is a method for keeping all the important information about your products up to date across multiple channels, ensuring compliance with regulations and fidelity of data.

A central challenge of running a consumer goods business is keeping control of all your data across a variety of products, which involves a number of key players across your supply chain. To stay current and compliant you need a way of effectively managing information to ensure compliance, eliminate costly mistakes, and simplify the jobs of everyone involved.

This is where 4Pack comes in. 4Pack provides a secure hub for your product, ingredient and packaging data.

4Pack offers five key benefits:

  • Efficient specification management – digitally exchange information with your supply chain at speed – no need for complex spreadsheets
  • Localisation – Mitigate risk with built-in compliant market regulations
  • Globalisation – Translate and manage multilingual pack copy
  • Traceability – Make informed decisions instantly
  • Consistency – Drive data quality with imbedded process control
  • Speed – Automatically create submission forms directly from your product specification

There can be a bewildering array of elements to keep track of in preparing products for market.

Fixing your PIM problems

But what if you want to sell the same product in multiple markets? How do you handle translations, different regulations on ingredients highlighting, display of nutritional information, and more? What if you change your supplier for a single ingredient – how do you update all the product information and make sure everyone has the latest version? How do you account for changing regulations one of your destination markets and the need to update product information for all of your SKUs?

4Pack will help you manage all your regional pack changes and automatically create compliant labelling for each market in the relevant language. By adapting to your business 4Pack enhances your current ways of working rather than forcing you to redo all your processes – it will fit into your existing categories and product groupings rather than enforcing a new schema.

By reducing the time you spend managing production information and increasing the reliability and compliance of your data, 4Pack can generate huge efficiency savings in your business. And by giving your suppliers a standardised digital way of working for uploading their specifications you will ensure that you have all the data you need in a format the platform will automatically accept.



4Pack exists to help Food & Beverage manufacturers and brands of all sizes to push innovative, safer products to market across channels quickly. If you want to turbo charge your product launch process, book a demo with one of our experts.

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